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At Aberdeen, asset management is our focus.

Dedicated to doing one thing well.

After a decade in which complexity, over-engineering and a lack of transparency almost led to the downfall of the global banking system, people want financial expertise they can see, that they can understand.

People are rightly seeking out skilled practitioners who focus tirelessly on what they do best.

So at Aberdeen, asset management is our sole focus.

Our approach to achieve performance is open and straightforward. No black boxes, no short cuts. Simply asset management.

Aberdeen Asset Management Inc. is the wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Aberdeen Asset Management PLC, a global investment management group managing more than US$405.4 billion of assets for both institutions and private individuals as of 30 September 2016.

Aberdeen Group Overview


Aberdeen Asset Management in the United States


Institutional Investors & Consultants


Access the full range of Aberdeen products and services available for institutional investors and their consultants. Our expertise is the management of equities and fixed income, including specialist asset classes.

Institutional Investments

Individual Investors & Advisors


Invest with Aberdeen through our range of U.S. mutual funds and closed end funds. We offer access to U.S. and other world markets through our equity, fixed income and asset allocation products.

Mutual Funds
Closed-End Funds

Risk is not a number

At Aberdeen, we think of risk in multiple different scenarios and with the possibility of many different outcomes, all of which must be explored in depth.

For more on how Aberdeen manages risk visit our risk diversification site.

Small is beautiful

Did you know that small cap companies account for nearly 70% of all publicly traded companies in the U.S.? Senior Investment Manager Jason Kotik discusses some of our big ideas in smaller companies.

For more information about how it can pay to think small, visit our Aberdeen U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund page.