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The past year has a seen a so called “shareholder spring” of increased corporate governance activism by institutional investors in the UK, USA and other developed markets.

The panel discussed whether this is just a post-credit crunch flash-in-the-pan or a pattern that is here to stay. And if shareholder activism is here to stay, exactly whose job is it? Finally, the panel considered whether the shareholder spring will spread to emerging markets with the very different corporate governance issues they face.

Listen to the session

Panel Session: Corporate governance: Will the Shareholder Spring Go Global?

Key points

  • Shareholder concerns appear to have reached new highs among all tiers of investors, with CEO remuneration being one of the first triggers of the surge in activism.
  • The burden of governance is shifting toward asset managers, as investors are given more of the responsibility once reserved for boards of directors.
  • While a pressing issue in Europe and North America, corporate governance is also very relevant in emerging markets, where greater transparency is still needed.
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