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Panel Sessions

Europe, China, India, Emerging Markets, Politics, Corporate Governance: these were just some of the vast topics debated.

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After the Fall: A World Tour

Investors in 2012 are witnessing a profound change in the global investment landscape. With Europe at risk of disintegration and the manufacturing slowdown in China, global markets are under tremendous pressure.

John Authers discussed how today's challenges may transform the future of world financial markets.

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China and India: Impressions

Hugh Young, Dr. Hinrich Voss, and Dr. Jim Walker discussed the current economic environment in China and India, two of the world’s fastest growing economies, from those in the know.

The panel also shared their outlook for these two countries, how they act on the world stage and their potential impact on the rest of the world.

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Corporate Governance: Will the Shareholder Spring Go Global?

The past year has a seen a so called “shareholder spring” of increased corporate governance activism by institutional investors in the UK, USA and other developed markets.

The panel discussed whether this is just a post-credit crunch flash-in-the-pan or a pattern that is here to stay. And if shareholder activism is here to stay, exactly whose job is it? Finally, the panel considered whether the shareholder spring will spread to emerging markets amid the very different corporate governance issues they now face.

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Your opportunity to ask about “ A day in the life of …”

Representatives of Aberdeen’s Asian Fixed Income, Property, and Solutions teams discussed where they are finding opportunities in today’s global investment world and how U.S. investors can take advantage of an ever changing marketplace.

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Game On: 2012 and Beyond

With Republicans, Democrats, and the White House gearing up for an epic fight in the next election, John Heilemann surveyed the battlefield, explaining how all sides see the conflict and the strategies they are employing to win.

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Emerging Markets: Where Next?

Emerging market economies are largely underpinned by strong fundamentals and low levels of debt, in contrast to many of their developed market counterparts.

Aberdeen’s own emerging market specialists covering Equity, Fixed Income and Property will talked about the ideas of de-coupling, the impact of deleveraging developed markets and the importance of governance and due diligence when investing in these regions.

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