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Hugh Young, Dr. Hinrich Voss and Dr. Jim Walker  discussed the current economic environment in China and India, two of the world’s fastest growing economies, from those in the know

The panel also shared their outlook for these two countries, how they act on the world stage and their potential impact on the rest of the world.

Listen to the session

Panel Session: China and India: Impressions

Key quotes

  • Jim Walker: “ One of the great myths of the last four years was that China saved the world by doing everything right.”
  • Hinrich Voss:“ The current [Chinese] leadership will want to have a smooth transition to the next one and finish its term in a positive way.”
  • Jim Walker:“ Everywhere you go in South East Asia at the moment you hear people talking about the China trade, the shift of the manufacturing industry out of China into these other parts of Asia.”
  • Hugh Young: “ China’s issue is it has hundreds of millions of workers to absorb somewhere - what are they going to do with them?”
  • Jim Walker:“ While India has not straddled the global economy in the way that China has, quietly the Indian domestic economy has been moving quite rapidly.”
  • Hinrich Voss:“ I think in China we have to differentiate between state-influenced businesses and the large private sector, which is increasing tremendously, but not across the country homogenously”
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