# Perspectives2012
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Representatives of Aberdeen’s Asian Fixed Income, Property and Solutions teams discussed where they are finding opportunities in today’s global investment world and how U.S. investors can take advantage of an ever changing marketplace.

Listen to the session

Panel Session: Your opportunity to ask about “ A day in the life of …”

Key points

  • Asian fixed income has a discrete risk/return profile from other sectors.
  • The onshore China bond market is limited by quotas, but access is improving.
  • Transparency is the biggest challenge in global real estate, since valuation and lease structure differ by country.
  • Yield compression and rents are bigger drivers of property performance than inflation.
  • New opportunities in real estate include social housing, senior housing and student housing.
  • More institutional investors are utilizing hedge fund-of-funds to take advantage of the wide set of strategies available.
  • Hedge fund-of-funds can provide exposure to certain niche strategies that individual funds typically cannot access.
  • Fund-of-funds providers add value by selecting both the right strategies and the right funds within each strategy, since performance can vary widely between similar offerings.
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