# Perspectives2012
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Emerging market economies are largely underpinned by strong fundamentals and low levels of debt, in contrast to many of their developed market counterparts.

Abedeen’s own emerging market specialists covering equity, fixed income and property will talked about the ideas of de-coupling, the impact of deleveraging developed markets and the importance of governance and due diligence when investing in these regions.

Listen to the session

Panel Session: Emerging Markets: Where Next?

Key quotes

  • Jon Lekander: “From a top-down perspective, I think emerging markets property is straightforward and falls into three categories: a larger and growing middle class…demographics…and economic structure.”
  • Joanne Irvine: “While there are high levels of uncertainty in emerging markets, corporate balance sheets are strong, the balance sheets of the governments are strong, and are individuals are not highly indebted.”
  • Joanne Irvine: “The rule of law is very weak, not only in China, but in many emerging markets.”
  • Brett Diment: “It is also invaluable having such a strong resource in emerging equity, because we are seeing a lot of new [debt] issuance on the corporate side.”
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