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Jon Lekander

Global Head of Property Multi Manager

Personal Details
Joined AAM: January 1998
Nationality: Swedish
Location: Stockholm

Jon Lekander
Education and Experience

Jon Lekander is Global Head of Property Multi Manager and a member of the Management Board. Jon joined Aberdeen in 1998, with a responsibility to develop quantitative methods for real estate markets and portfolios. In this function, he has developed forecasting processes for European and Asian real estate markets, as well as tools for strategic analysis of real estate portfolios. Prior to that, Jon was Head of Investment Strategy for Aberdeen’s property division, with responsibility for the investment process and allocation policy. He is a frequent speaker at real estate conferences and major universities, with a focus on market analysis, the role of real estate in a multi-asset portfolio context and real estate strategies.

Jon graduated with an MSc in Economics and a BA degree in Finance from the University of Stockholm.