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John Authers

John Authers was the global editor of the Financial Times’ “Lex” column, which many consider to be the most influential business and finance column in the world. For years he was the FT’s principal commentator on markets and investments. Until recently the author of its influential “Short View” column, he now writes the weekly “Long View” column. A 20-year FT career also included four years running the Mexico City bureau, ten years in New York, and stints in the UK covering education and local government.

He speaks around the world, and appears frequently on television and radio, including the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and PBS. He is a major presence on the internet, where he writes for ft.com, and appears in numerous videos on YouTube and elsewhere discussing the financial issues of the day.

John is the recipient of many journalistic awards honoring his reporting and writing on financial and business matters. Most recently, he was named the senior journalist of the year by the Wincott Foundation, the premier award for UK financial journalists. In the US his videos have twice been honoured at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers’ Best in Business awards.

He is also co-author with Richard Wolffe of The Victim’s Fortune: Inside the Epic Battle Over the Debts of the Holocaust. In this vigorously reported book, he chronicles the battles waged for billions in reparations and return of assets to victims of Nazis looting and forced labor camps.

Beyond journalism he has had an active second career as a singer, once even singing in Pavarotti’s backing choir.