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With over 30 years investing in Asia, Aberdeen believes that the region’s resilient economic growth potential, strong structural foundation, growing domestic demand, emerging interregional trade and other factors represent compelling potential investment opportunities.

Thought leadership

Dazed and confused Retail revolution
Investors may be confused, and with good reason. On the one hand, reform-minded leaders are at the helm of many of Asia’s biggest economies. On the other, economies struggle to grow. There are a lot of people in Asia who are getting richer. Many have a disposable income for the first time in their lives and are looking for ways to spend it. An investor would do well to remember the longer-term trends that are happening across the region.
Do not feed the bears Eastern Promise
Asian Markets are getting mauled because investors are concerned about China. However, we see what’s happening now as an opportunity to be embraced, not feared. Asia has had a rough year. Growth is sluggish. Disinflation is a symptom of weaker domestic demand, overcapacity and lower commodity prices. Shares and currencies have been battered. While the short-term outlook remains unclear, we believe the region’s promise hasn’t diminished.
New horizons: Corporate governance in Japan Singapore by the numbers
Corporate governance has long been a source of anguish for foreign investors in Japan. As the annual general meeting season reaches its peak it seems appropriate to review the most recent developments. Singapore has achieved much over the past 50 years and now ranks second in terms of global competitiveness.



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