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Investing in Global Emerging Markets


Our fund managers' most useful tool

No. 3: A scooter.

In Emerging Markets, we make sure we get there in person.

Investment Process

With their positive long-term outlook, we believe emerging markets will lead, not follow, the recovery

Why Emerging Market Equities?

Emerging markets offer:

Strong potential for growth over the medium and long term.

An increasing number of well-managed companies. We believe companies have become better managed and more transparent. They now have stronger balance sheets and are more profitable and committed to maximising shareholder value.

Diversification benefits for your portfolios.

Regional background

  • Less debt than developed nations
  • Stability and growth fostered by governments’ prudent fiscal and monetary policies
  • Strong local demand emerging markets have stronger economic growth potential than their mature counterparts thanks to a young and growing population, durable consumer spending and a burgeoning middle class
  • Growing exports to other emerging economies, and increased spending and investment at home. Emerging markets have saved in the past and can now move to boost demand

Future prospects

We believe global emerging markets offer a potentially valuable investment opportunity, despite a bounce in equity markets around the world.

Discover our Emerging Market equity funds

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  Ticker Growth or Income Distributions Monthly Factsheet Monthly Commentary
Equity Funds          
Aberdeen Chile Fund, Inc. CH Both Quarterly pdf  
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Smaller Company Opportunities Fund, Inc. ABE* Growth Annually pdf pdf
Aberdeen Indonesia Fund, Inc. IF Both Annually pdf pdf
Aberdeen Greater China Fund, Inc. GCH Growth Quarterly pdf pdf
Aberdeen Latin America Equity Fund, Inc. LAQ Growth Annually pdf pdf
The Asia Tigers Fund, Inc. GRR Growth Annually pdf pdf
The India Fund, Inc. IFN Growth Annually pdf pdf

* As of July 31, 2015, the ticker symbol for Aberdeen Emerging Markets Smaller Company Opportunities Fund, Inc. changed from ETF to ABE.

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