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Bloomberg correspondents around the world provide an update on global economies and markets in this special report for delegates at Aberdeen's 2012
U.S. Investment Conference.


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Devan Kaloo underlines the importance of detailed research into emerging markets companies.

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The emerging markets panel: The importance of research

Our insight speaker was Professor Martijn Cremers of Yale School of Management accompanied by Devan Kaloo, Aberdeen’s Head of Global Emerging Market Equities.

Professor Cremers has recently completed a research paper, supported by Aberdeen (“Emerging Market Outperformance: Public traded Affiliates of Multinational Corporations”), which analyzed the performance of listed emerging markets affiliates of multinationals. He discussed this research and the outcomes at the conference.

Devan Kaloo also provided insights into the level of due diligence required to identify the right emerging market companies and why thorough first-hand research at a local level is so important at Aberdeen.