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Highlights from our 2014 Investment Conference

The economic landscape has changed and investors the world over are trying to make sense of it. On June 10, 2014, we gathered some great speakers and world opinion leaders at our Investment Conference in New York to share their views.

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Welcome to Aberdeen’s Institutional Investor website

Our expertise is the management of equities and fixed income, including alternative asset classes. We emphasize the identification of good fundamentals as the basis of our investment disciplines. Find out about our complete range of capabilities on this website.


Strategy in Focus

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Emerging Market Debt

Diversification is always a sensible idea. But sensible doesn’t need to be boring.

Emerging Market Debt

Our Investment Capabilities

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Aberdeen’s mainstream equity process dates from the early 1990s and we believe its advantage lies in the consistency of its approach, irrespective of market conditions.

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Fixed Income

Aberdeen’s fixed income process dates back to the 1980s. Its core characteristics are a focus on proprietary research, identifying the opportunities with attractive risk-reward characteristics and combining different and uncorrelated sources of outperformance, known as alpha.

Fixed Income
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We offer a wide range of property investment strategies that offer a choice of geographic and sector allocation.