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Socially Responsible Investment in Property

Real estate investments have the potential to provide valuable returns to investors. However, the impact that building’s have on the environment and on the communities in which they are located is often overlooked. We believe that we have a responsibility to identify and manage these impacts as effectively as possible.

Our approach to direct and multi-manager real estate investment follows the principles of sustainable property investment and builds on Aberdeen’s experience of managing Socially Responsible Investment products through focusing on the manager of the property company or property vehicle’s approach to sustainable real estate investment and, in particular, the management of energy, waste, water and pollution and their approach to society.

Working alongside the Property Group Head of Sustainability Aberdeen's property team has a full time Sustainability Manager working with cross functional sustainability teams across country business units promoting and facilitating consistent improvements in the environmental performance of the assets we manage by developing and implementing strategies to satisfy local market demands and needs.

Sustainability initiatives include: -

  • As founding members of the International Sustainability Alliance through BREEAM (The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) in Use methodologies working to benchmark and report to stakeholders on the sustainability of the buildings we manage.
  • On acquisition, development and through the management of assets we consider the sustainability of those assets and take steps to manage the environmental impacts through increased waste recycling; assessment of alternative energy sources such as PV solar panels and CHP, developing green travel plans and installing electric car charging points and initiatives to engage with the local community.
  • Engaging in research projects assessing the link between sustainable buildings and financial out performance – establishing a link would increase the momentum of sustainability in the real estate market.