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Here at Aberdeen, we continually review the content and layout of our web site. To help us we would welcome your feedback. Either complete the brief questionnaire below or the general comments box to let us know your views.

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Correspondence from Aberdeen Guessed the address
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6. What is the main purpose of your visit to our site? Please select one only.

I want to buy an Aberdeen product/service To find some background information about Aberdeen
For information about investment trusts Daily pricing info
For information about unit trusts/OEICs General Browse
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7. Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statements.

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It is easy to navigate around this site.
The overall appearance of this site is attractive.
I find this site takes too long to download.
I sometimes have trouble finding what I am looking for on this site.
This site provides the right information I need.

8. What additional online facilities would you use, if offered?

9. What other financial sites do you use?

FTyourmoney the street
Motley Fool Hemscott
iii Yahoo
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Thank you for taking part in this study, which will help us to improve the content and layout of this web site.

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