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Investment Process

At Aberdeen, asset management is our sole focus.

We pride ourselves on original thinking and research. We also believe strongly in portfolio transparency. Implicit in our style is a rejection of commoditized products and closet indexing; our business therefore stands or falls on whether we can genuinely add value to client wealth.

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Aberdeen’s fixed income process dates back to the 1980s. Our alpha teams are responsible for generating investment strategies within their specialist areas, while our product teams are responsible for allocating and monitoring risk budgets, tailoring investment strategies for individual portfolios and are accountable for overall performance.

  • Active management, operating globally, in a transparent and accountable structure
  • Belief that multiple sources of added value improve the risk-return profile
  • Specialist teams working independently within their area of expertise
  • Local presence in London, Philadelphia, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, Tokyo and Budapest
  • Strong derivatives capability to assist implementation of both active and liability matching strategies

Active management

We aim to add value by seeking to exploit market inefficiencies in interest rates, currency, investment grade credit, emerging market debt and high yield. We have dedicated portfolio managers and analysts in the three main time zones. They operate as close-knit teams, with investment decision-making devolved to specialists, based on their knowledge and expertise.

Flexible and disciplined investment process

Our investment structure enables us not only to follow a disciplined investment process but also to be flexible to manage portfolios for a wide variety of client requirements. This may range from strategies which employ multiple sources of uncorrelated returns to those that are focused on a particular specialist area.

Team approach

We employ over 171 investment professionals across our teams. They invest within clearly delineated parameters, with defined reporting lines. Our team structure is based on transparency and accountability.

Diverse solutions

Many investors are moving to higher performance or core plus mandates. Another trend is the move away from market-based indices and the use of liability driven benchmarks. We aim to deliver performance across the full range of our fixed income capabilities. We also use derivatives, such as interest rate and credit default swaps, to add value and also to match liability exposures.

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