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Lipper Rankings

Unless otherwise indicated, rankings shown below are Class A as of Apr 30, 2015

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* Effective February 22, 2013, the Fund is closed to new investors except in limited circumstances. For further information, please see the “Investing with Aberdeen Funds – Fund Closure” section of the prospectus beginning on page 182 of the statutory prospectus.

Lipper Inc., a widely respected data provider in the industry, calculates an average total return for mutual funds with similar investment objectives as those of the fund.

Lipper Inc. is an independent mutual fund performance monitor. Lipper ranks mutual funds’ total performance (assuming reinvestment of distributions) against other funds having similar investment objectives and strategies. Lipper makes no adjustment for the effect of sales loads.

Lipper calculates the percentile rank by ranking all funds within a category (e.g. Small Value) by total return, including fund expenses but not including sales loads, 12b-1 or redemption fees, for a time period (e.g., one year). It then takes the numerical rank and divides it by the number of funds in the category.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.