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Multi-Asset Investing

Adding value to clients’ portfolios

Why Multi Asset?

We believe it’s possible to potentially achieve better risk-adjusted returns from multi-asset investing. Over the longer term all asset classes are driven by economic fundamentals. By identifying inefficiencies in valuations between markets, value can be added to clients' portfolios through dynamic allocations to different assets and markets.

Our approach

Our multi-asset product is tuned to the individual needs of institutional investors.

We offer multi-asset investing through either.

  • A pooled vehicle


  • Individual, client-specific portfolios

We believe absolute returns are more important over the longer term than those relative to a benchmark or index. We use the risk-free rate* as a starting point to measure the attractiveness of different asset classes, and we are comfortable taking decisive positions away from a benchmark.

Our multi-asset team

The team manages individual components of the portfolio with our relevant investment teams, as well as coordinating investment strategies.

They also offer advice on tactical and strategic asset allocation. This can be through the physical trading of the underlying asset classes or through highly specialised pooled asset allocation of funds, depending on clients’ requirements.

* Typically the return on cash deposits or short term government bonds.