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Multi-Asset Investing

Multi-asset investment process

Our investment process is designed to identify what we believe is the best possible asset allocation to meet our clients’ investment aims. This means an appropriate combination of asset types and investment approaches.

We use in-house and third party managers to choose investments to include in multi-asset portfolios.

How our investment process works

We look for relative value as well as both non-correlated assets and non-correlated investment approaches when selecting investments for multi-asset portfolios. Where possible we use in-house capabilities including:

  • Fixed income (including credit)
  • Interest rates
  • Currency
  • Equities (global/regional)
  • Emerging markets
  • Property
  • Private equity

We also look to combine different investment approaches including:

  • Active/passive
  • Liability matching
  • Absolute return strategies
  • Tactical asset allocation products
  • Use of derivatives

We use third party managers where appropriate in-house investments are not available and include hedge funds, private equity and property. We carry out comprehensive due diligence and look for the following characteristics before inclusion in multi-asset portfolios:

  • It must be a core offering
  • Quality and stability of the investment team
  • Clear, transparent and repeatable investment process
  • Strong performance track record*

This ensures that third party manager investment teams and approaches are consistent with the broader investment strategy of client portfolios.

* Past performance does not guarantee of future results.