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Private Equity

Focused Fund Selection

We construct globally diversified portfolios, covering all private Equity stages. Our investment managers’ insightful world views combine with a bottom-up investment approach.

Why private equity?

Private Equity potentially offers higher returns than public equities, as well as access to themes, technologies and talent that may not be available through public equity markets. One of the key advantages of this asset class is that private ownership can often be one way of creating conditions for potential growth and greater efficiency

Our approach

At Aberdeen, there are no star managers – rather we have a team ethos. We look to invest in managers who offer outstanding leadership and discipline. Very often these are less well known managers, with a niche approach to what they do. We never automatically reinvest in successor funds from managers and assess these reinvestment opportunities as we would with any new management team.

Operational and legal due diligence, is a key element in seeking to mitigate downside risk. This includes a review of counterparties and background checks on key individuals.