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The financial world uses lots of words and phrases not in everyday usage. Aberdeen has defined many of them as simply as possible

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Aberdeen and Financial Literacy

At Aberdeen, we believe in promoting financial literacy and financial education. From unique sponsorships to creative multi-media, we are taking steps to highlight the importance of financial literacy within our local, national and international communities in fun and engaging ways. Whether through our quirky video series or the Knowledge@Wharton High School Investment Challenge, we are always looking for imaginative and entertaining ways to communicate the importance of sound financial knowledge and habits.

Knowledge@Wharton High School Investment Challenge

Since 2011, Aberdeen has fostered financial literacy and professional development through fun and hands-on partnerships with high schools across the globe. Through our sponsorship of the Knowledge@Wharton High School., high school students are given access to an innovative and real-time securities trading platform. Students gain a real-world understanding of investing by interacting with and learning from Aberdeen portfolio managers and employees.

Operation Hope

Over the course of the competition, students develop communication, teamwork and analytical skills as they formulate investment strategies and manage hypothetical investment portfolios. The 2015 Investment Challenge has seen participation from over 200 teams across the U.S., India and Dubai.

For more information on the Investment Challenge and further financial literacy resources, please visit Knowledge@Wharton High School.

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