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Our Graduate Development Program

Graduate at work

“The Graduate Development Program is a very important part of the company’s culture. The fact that so many heads of desks come from our Graduate Development Program is a testimony to its success.”

Martin Gilbert

Chief Executive Officer

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC


Program Overview:

Aberdeen’s Graduate Development Program aims to develop graduates who can make high-level contributions for long-term success of the business.

Following a summer internship and evaluations, select interns are invited to join the rotational Graduate Development Program following graduation.

To provide a well-rounded view of our global company as well as the asset management industry, our rotational program offers graduates the opportunity to rotate between different internal business teams and locations. Following the rotation period, there is a strong likelihood that the Graduate Business Analyst (GBA) will be placed in a specific department.

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Summer Internship Program:

Aberdeen’s Graduate Development Program begins with the Summer Internship Program. We believe it is an essential part of the program as it gives insight into an employee’s potential.

During the eight-week program, interns will work a full schedule for one department. They will also attend weekly information sessions conducted by Aberdeen’s senior managers. This gives interns the opportunity to learn about all departments in the company in addition to his or her own department.

Concluding the Summer Internship Program, all interns are required to make a presentation to management on what they have learned throughout the course of the program. Performance will be evaluated in determining if the intern will continue with the Graduate Development Program.

Graduate Development Program:

Aberdeen’s Graduate Development Program is an 18-month to two year program designed to develop recent college graduates to make high-level contributions to the business.

GBA’s will undertake three-to four-month rotations in key departments that play a vital role in the success of our business. In addition to rotational placements in our Philadelphia office, GBA’s may also be placed in one of Aberdeen’s offices in the United Kingdom, Asia or Australia.

What we look for:

  • Obtain at least a 3.5 GPA
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and high motivation
  • Commitment to a training process
  • Commitment to working in an asset management industry
  • Commitment to working in a particular area of our business such as fixed income, equities, or business development
  • Have interests outside of university studies such as extracurricular activities