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Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week


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Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week is the world’s premier sailing regatta and 2013 marks the third year of the sponsorship agreement with Aberdeen

Aberdeen's involvement

Aberdeen has sponsored Cowes Week since 2011, and is signed up as title sponsor until the end of 2015. As main sponsor our support is practical and looks forward to help grow what is already one of the UK’s biggest and most successful sailing regattas. One of Aberdeen’s objectives is to make the event as accessible to competitors and visitors as possible, and has worked with Cowes Week Ltd to bring down entry fees and to improve the event experience for spectators.

Cowes heritage

The eight-day event has a rich heritage having run since 1826 and attracts a wide range of competitors from true amateurs to Olympic and World champions.

How we make a difference

As a business, we consider ourselves a fast paced and dynamic investment management firm. We value teamwork as key to our success and we seek the best investments for our clients by following a process which is collaborative and yet challenging. We also like to participate in sponsorships where we can make a difference to an event, not as bystanders but by getting actively involved.

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week Documentary

The story of the historical Cowes Sailing Regatta, one of the UK's longest running and most successful sporting events and a key highlight of the British summer.

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