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Investing in Asia Pacific


Investing in the Asia-Pacific Region

Attractive fundamentals with potential long-term opportunities

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Asia’s resilient economic growth potential, strong structural foundation, growing domestic demand, emerging interregional trade and other factors represent compelling potential investment opportunities.

Aberdeen believes the attractive fundamentals of the Asia-Pacific region are too important to ignore.  We are a specialist in the region with more than 75 investment professionals in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Tokyo.

Central to our success is our single-minded approach to researching investments.  Our professionals—located on the ground in Asia—conduct their own company research and interview every company before investing a cent of our clients’ assets.

Learn more about our Asia-Pacific closed-end funds, which represent the potential to benefit from strong growth prospects and favorable trends.

Watch the latest Aberdeen fund manager interviews and portfolio and investment updates for the Asia-Pacific region.

  Ticker Growth or Income Distributions Monthly Factsheet Monthly Commentary
Equity Funds          
Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund, Inc.* IAF Both Quarterly pdf pdf
Aberdeen Indonesia Fund, Inc. IF Both Annually pdf pdf
Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund, Inc.**** JEQ Growth Annually pdf pdf
Aberdeen Greater China Fund, Inc. *** GCH Growth Quarterly pdf pdf
Aberdeen Singapore Fund, Inc. ** SGF Growth Annually pdf pdf
The Asia Tigers Fund, Inc. GRR Growth Annually pdf pdf
The India Fund, Inc. IFN Growth Annually pdf pdf
Fixed Income Funds          
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc. FAX Income Monthly pdf pdf
Aberdeen Global Income Fund, Inc.* FCO Income Monthly pdf pdf

** As of 11/01/2013, Fund name changed from The Singapore Fund, Inc.

*** As of 12/02/2013, Fund name changed from The Greater China Fund, Inc.

**** As of 05/01/2014, Fund name changed from The Japan Equity Fund, Inc.