# U.S. Investment Conference

About the U.S. Investment Conference

Navigating a new investment reality

The economic landscape has changed and we're all making sense of it as global investors.

Investor appetite for risk assets seems to have returned, capital markets are rising and the search for income is moving further afield into new territories. Yet many of the economic pitfalls still cast a shadow over investor optimism.

With no obvious route map, we ask and answer how can investors effectively anticipate risk and where can they find quality investments in the race for yield generating assets.

On June 11, 2013, we gathered some great speakers to share their views and have compiled summaries of each session on this website.


Video: “What If” Scenarios

Aberdeen’s Mike Turner, Hugh Young and Mark Parry give their views on “What If” scenarios that were discussed at Aberdeen’s 2013 U.S. Investment Conference and speak about how these scenarios may affect the global economy.

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