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Devan Kaloo

Head of Global Emerging Markets

Personal Details
Joined AAM: February 2001
Nationality: Malaysian
Location: London

Devan Kaloo
Education and Experience

Devan Kaloo is head of global emerging markets, responsible for the London and Sao Paulo based GEM team, which manages EMEA and Latin America equities, and has oversight of GEM input from the Asia team based in Singapore, with whom he works closely. Devan joined Aberdeen Singapore based Asian equities team in 2000 and became involved in regional and emerging market portfolios. Devan started work with Martin Currie on the Latin American desk before transferring to North American equities, then the global asset allocation team and the Asian portfolios

Devan graduated with a MA (Hons) in Management and International Relations from The University of St Andrews and a postgraduate diploma in Investment Analysis from The University of Stirling.