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Frontier market bonds: the next chapter (July 2015)

The development of the emerging market debt universe over the past decade has led many investors to seek to further diversify their portfolios into the next generation of emerging markets known as "frontier markets.".

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Frontier Markets: The Investment Universe (June 2015)

While representing only around 5% of emerging market debt universe, frontier markets exhibit strong growth dynamics and compelling risk-adjusted returns.

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Emerging market bonds face unshocking shock (May 2015)

A strong U.S. economic growth is good for the debt markets of selected emerging economies, such as Mexico, India, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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The easy part is over for Nigeria

That Nigerians turned to Muhammadu Buhari, a 72-year-old former military dictator, for their next president is an indication of how desperate people are for change.

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Frontier market bonds: the next chapter

Frontier economies are expected to experience high levels of growth driven by demographics, rising consumption, substantial commodities, low debt levels, and prudent policies.

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Exploring the depths of unconstrained fixed income

We believe that unconstrained fixed income is a natural evolution of the bond markets. Take a look at Aberdeen’s two approaches to unconstrained strategies.

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Responsible investing blossoms

There’s something to be said about companies that care enough to make their businesses as attractive as possible to investors. And maybe more to be said about the ones that don’t.

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Responsible investing policy and process

Responsible investing means so much more now in today’s interconnected world. Learn more about Aberdeen’s approach to environmental, social and corporate governance investing and learn why we were an early adopter of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing.

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Emerging Market Corporate Debt

EM corporate debt has grown from being a small asset class that few investors knew much about to a mainstream asset class that warrants further consideration. In our view, emerging markets present some of the world’s most dynamic growth opportunities.

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High Yield Investing by the Numbers

When investors think of high yield or “junk” bonds, the U.S. marketplace is often the space that comes to mind. But even though the U.S. has always been home to the largest sector of the high yield universe, global high yield bonds are now a major factor contributing to a growing and high-yielding opportunity set.

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Emerging Market Debt: A Blended Approach

As emerging economies expand, governments and companies alike are looking to domestic and international capital markets to finance growth. This market segment presents skilled fixed income managers with opportunities to identify and benefit from what we believe are improving companies and countries.

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Local Currency Emerging Market Debt

Over the last decade investors globally have become more and more comfortable with the structural improvement in Emerging Markets. Equity markets and external bond markets have historically been the investment vehicles of choice, but now local emerging market bonds have been added to this list. Find out why we believe emerging markets are so attractive, why now for local currency debt, and its key characteristics and risks.

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