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Institutional Clients and Consultants

Our U.S. Institutional Business Development team works with institutional clients and consultants.

Head of Institutional Business Development

Tracey Grant

Email: tracey.grant@aberdeen-asset.com

Head of U.S. Consultant Relations

Sue Mullin

Email: sue.mullin@aberdeen-asset.com


Deputy Head of Institutional Business Development

Jack Kirkpatrick

Email: jack.kirkpatrick@aberdeen-asset.com

Senior Consultant Relations Manager

Laura Kirkpatrick

Email: laura.kirkpatrick@aberdeen-asset.com


Head of Institutional Relationship Management

Kieran McGlynn

Email: kieran.mcglynn@aberdeen-asset.com

Senior Consultant Relations Manager

Eric Smyth

Email: eric.smyth@aberdeen-asset.com


Senior Business Development Manager - Family Office/HNW

Wendy Ardrey

Email: wendy.ardrey@aberdeen-asset.com


Senior Business Development Manager – U.S. Endowments and Foundations

Joseph Carr

Email: joseph.carr@aberdeen-asset.com


Senior Business Development Manager - Corporate Plans

Joseph Pursley

Email: joseph.pursley@aberdeen-asset.com