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Investment Process

Our approach

We offer investors professionally selected funds for their portfolios, with the reassurance of having an experienced team, rigorous fund research and a well-established investment process to guide them.

Investment process

At Aberdeen we follow a rigorous and fully transparent process in our fund selection. We always aim to be forward looking – seeking what we believe to be the best manager for the future , not the best manager in the past. We utilise both quantitative tools and qualitative analysis in our due diligence process and our process is, we believe, both straightforward and thorough.

Our core beliefs and principles are to:

  • Seek managers who know their approach and know its limitations
  • Utilise a bottom-up driven approach
  • Construct properly diversified portfolios
  • Constantly test our conviction on fund manager selection
  • Focus on fundamentals and identify managers we believe will deliver good performance in the future