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Global asset allocation in an uncertain world: Did we let a serious crisis go to waste?
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Beyond U.S. - time for investors to allocate more internationally?

Debates and conversations from Aberdeen’ s inaugural U.S. Investment Conference 2012.

On June 7, hundreds of investment professionals packed inside Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York City for our inaugural U.S. investment conference.

The conference featured lively discussions from Aberdeen Portfolio Managers as well as world-renowned economists.

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The income panel: Beyond sovereign debt

A panel of portfolio managers from Aberdeen defended and championed their respective asset classes to show where investors can find income in a world of low interest rates.


International Economists' Panel: Global economics on the brink

Tom Keene, editor-at-large of Bloomberg News, chaired a panel debate among top scholars at the forefront of global economic thought. The panel discussed the outlook on western markets and where we are likely to see steadier growth going forward.