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We believe that the following are our main advantages over our competitors:

The true integration of our research outputs into our investment process at every stage. We believe that this ‘applied’ focus, as much as the quality of our research, differentiates us from our competitors.

Our market presence, which enables us to attract a high level of deal flow. We believe the significant level of assets we have under management, and our professional reputation in the market ensures that the deal flow offered to us is sufficient to meet all our clients' investment needs.

Our ability and track record in sourcing, selecting, negotiating and managing investments. Having operated across international real estate markets for almost 40 years with a long track record we believe that we are market leaders in international real estate investment. We have local offices in all of the markets we operate, ensuring we bring local expertise to all investments.

Alignment of client interest. Our over-riding objective is to ensure that our clients are advised appropriately to ensure that investment performance can be maximized within the terms of the mandate. We strive to ensure that a true partnership exists between ourselves and our clients, whatever the client's preferred approach is, so that processes operate efficiently and responsibilities are clear. As part of this we provide transparent fee scales which align our interests with our clients, ensuring that there are no hidden costs.

Local presence both in the investment markets and those of our investors. The scale of our real estate business means that we have a strong local investment presence in all of our target investment markets as well as the majority of the domiciles of our investors.

We believe that our breadth and depth of skills as an international property manager, our rigorous investment process, and our ability to add value to clients’ portfolios are compelling reasons why we are a suitable investment manager for any property investment portfolio.