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Multi-Manager Real Estate


Aberdeen multi-manager real estate has an established investment philosophy that provides the foundation for the investment process of all our real estate portfolios. Our philosophy is based on the following principles:

Pro-active sourcing: we actively search for investment opportunities and investment vehicles, many of which are not offered widely in the market. Our experienced multi-manager real estate team offers broad market coverage and benefits from a comprehensive deal sourcing network. We seek well-resourced specialist niche managers with expertise in defined segments such as geography or sector, and a proven ability over different market cycles. We seek a consistent track record of out-performance in a manager’s area of specialty rather than managers who take advantage of the latest investment fad. When necessary, we structure investment vehicles with other portfolio managers in order to provide our clients with, what we believe, are best-in-class investment opportunities.

In-depth analysis: we understand real estate as a financial asset and apply techniques used for other investment markets to understand its role in a multi-asset portfolio. This includes risk analysis to identify and take advantage of market mispricings. Aberdeen adopts a thorough in-depth analytical approach in order to identify attractive investment opportunities and protect our clients’ interests by mitigating risks through negotiations with portfolio managers.

Quality: we put investment performance and high quality service at the center of what we do. Implicit in this is an emphasis on generating long term returns without exposing assets to unacceptable levels of risk. We avoid investments in vehicles when we cannot conduct a full risk assessment, irrespective of pricing.