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Aberdeen Total Return Bond Fund

Investment Philosophy and Process

We believe our competitive advantage in managing the Total Return Bond Strategy is based on our ability to diversify duration risk on a global basis.

We also have the ability to take advantage of markets where central bank policy is favorable to investment-grade bonds and we invest in the global economic cycle where we believe regional advantages are greatest.

Our investment strategy also allows us to explore opportunities in niche markets across the globe that large U.S.-centric fixed income managers are often unable to participate in.

Expansion of the investment opportunity set to include non-USD sovereign bonds in a controlled manner (40% maximum exposure for non-USD-denominated bonds), combined with our global research depth and experience, allow us to find and take advantage of investment opportunities outside of the normal scope of most U.S. bond managers.

Our unique segmentation approach permits the creation of multiple sources of alpha, helping to diversify the return stream. Our global expertise enables us to uncover what we believe are unique investment opportunities and exploit market inefficiencies in regions not receiving broad market-research attention.

Also, our foreign currency exposure (FX) decision is separate from our bond investment decision, and we frequently differentiate foreign currency allocation from non-U.S. dollar bonds allocation, depending on our assssment of global economic environments.

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