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Thinking Aloud

Featured Commentary: Our verdict is in‒High yield exchange-traded funds don’t deliver

We believe investors considering allocations to the high yield sector should question whether high yield ETFs can deliver the investment results they seek.

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Featured Commentary: What are we worrying about in high yield?

Even if we are still worried about rising rates, we should be aware that high yield bonds do not always behave like bonds.

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Our Investment Capabilities

At Aberdeen, we believe that by following a clearly defined, consistent investment discipline for each of our mutual fund portfolios we can produce strong returns for our clients over the long term.

Our investment teams champion original thinking and knowledge, so investment decisions are based only on our own research. Aberdeen’s investment teams are geographically located in the markets or regions in which they invest.

Balloon Dog

We drive your fixed income further

Discover a world of bond opportunities, and see just how far your fixed income can go.

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Balloon Dog

Aberdeen Global High Income Fund

More flexible for more potential.

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Aberdeen video series: Fixed Income

Featuring Portfolio Managers Greg Hopper and Keith Bachman.


Mutual Funds

Aberdeen Funds consists of a series of equity, fixed income and asset allocation products available to individual and institutional investors.

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