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Please note: the directions to invest in our funds on this page apply only to the following Aberdeen Investment Funds (former Artio Funds):

  • Global High Income Fund
  • Total Return Bond Fund
  • Select International Equity Fund
  • Select International Equity Fund II
  • Global Select Opportunities Fund Inc.

To invest in the Aberdeen Investment Funds, please visit our Aberdeen Investment Funds account applications page.


How to Invest

Our products are offered through an extensive network of over 500 financial professionals and brokerage firms. Talk to your financial advisor about how an Aberdeen Fund may fit into your portfolio based on your needs.

To invest directly into Aberdeen Funds:

  • Obtain the Funds' prospectuses and read them carefully
  • Download an Aberdeen Investment Funds Account Application and follow all the instructions. Other forms many need to be filled out as well; please consult the application
  • Return a completed application and all necessary forms along with payment or payment instructions to one of the following addresses

By regular mail:

Aberdeen Investment Funds
c/o US Bancorp Fund Services LLC
PO Box 701
Milwaukee WI 53201-0701

By express or overnight service:

Aberdeen Investment Funds
c/o US Bancorp Fund Services LLC
615 E. Michigan St Floor 3
Milwaukee WI 53202 – 5207

For any questions regarding this process, please call 1-800-387-6977 for more information.