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Aberdeen Global Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund*

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*Effective August 15, 2016, the BofA Merrill Lynch 3-Month US Treasury Note Index replaced the Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index as the Fund’s benchmark index in connection with the change in the Fund’s investment objective and strategy. In addition, the Fund changed its investment strategy effective August 15, 2016. Performance information for periods prior to August 15, 2016 does not reflect the current investment strategy. In connection with the change in investment strategy, the Fund changed its name from Aberdeen Global Fixed Income Fund to Aberdeen Global Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund.

Investment Objective

Aberdeen Global Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund seeks to maximize total investment return consistent with prudent investment, consisting of a combination of interest income and capital appreciation

Investment Strategy

The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing in fixed-income securities of U.S. and foreign issuers including foreign governments, their agencies and instrumentalities, and foreign companies, including those in emerging markets; multinational organizations, such as the World Bank; the U.S. government, its agencies and instrumentalities and U.S. companies; and asset-backed securities. The investment team bases its investment decisions on fundamental factors, including economic, market and currency trends and credit quality.


TOP HOLDINGS (all classes) as of 04/28/2017
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HSBC HLDGS 6.375% FRN 18/10/22 EMTN GBP1.68% 
NATL AUST BANK 2.25% 16/03/21 COVB REGS USD1.54% 
STADSHYPOTEK 1.875% 02/10/19 COVB 144A USD1.54% 
IND & COMM BK CHINA/NY 2.452% 20/10/21 USD1.52% 
AXA SA 6.463% PERP REGS USD1.47% 
SLM STUDENT LOAN TST 5.15% 15/12/39 03-10 REGS GBP1.47% 
ANNINGTON FINANCE NO 4 0% 07/12/22 A GBP1.44% 
FORD MOTOR CREDIT CO 5.75% 01/02/21 USD1.38% 
ALTICE 7.75% 15/05/22 144A USD1.33% 
AVIVA 8.25% PERP USD1.33% 

Risk Considerations

Fixed income securities are subject to certain risks including, but not limited to: interest rate (changes in interest rates may cause a decline in the market value of an investment), credit (changes in the financial condition of the issuer, borrower, counterparty, or underlying collateral), prepayment (debt issuers may repay or refinance their loans or obligations earlier than anticipated), and extension (principal repayments may not occur as quickly as anticipated, causing the expected maturity of a security to increase).

Foreign securities are more volatile, harder to price and less liquid than U.S. securities; and aresubject to different accounting and regulatory standards, and political and economic risks. These risks are enhanced in emerging markets countries.

Derivatives are speculative and may hurt the Fund’s performance. They present the risk of disproportionately increased losses and/or reduced gains when the financial asset or measure to which the derivative is linked changes in unexpected ways.

Please read the prospectus for more detailed information regarding these risks.


Key Facts

Class A Inception Date

Nov 30, 2001


Inst. Svc.CGFIX


Class A003021755
Class C003021748
Inst. Svc.003021722

Redemption Fee

2.00% applied within 30 days

Minimum Initial Investment

$1,000 Classes A and C
$1,000 IRA: Classes A and C
$1,000,000 Institutional
$1,000,000 Inst. Svc.

Total Net Assets (all classes)

as of April 30, 2017

$16.2 million