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Monthly Factsheet

Aberdeen Ultra-Short Duration Bond Fund

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Investment Objective

To generate regular income and minimize fluctuations in fund value while maintaining a high level of liquidity.

Investment Strategy

As a non-fundamental policy, under normal circumstances, the Fund invests at least 80% of the value of its net assets, plus any borrowings for investment purposes, in bonds. The Fund will primarily invest in investment-grade fixed income securities (BBB- rated minimum at the time of purchase by Standard & Poor’s Rating Services or Fitch, Inc., or Baa3 rated minimum at the time of purchase by Moody’s Investors Services), securities of the U.S. Government, and its agencies and instrumentalities.


TOP HOLDINGS (all classes) as of 05/31/2016
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US TREASURY N/B 1% 15/09/17 USD12.26% 
FHLB DISCOUNT NOTE 0% 01/07/16 USD6.76% 
US TREASURY FRN 31/10/17 USD5.55% 
US TREASURY N/B 0.5% 28/02/17 USD4.22% 
FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 0.625% 23/11/16 USD2.22% 
RYDER SYSTEM 0% CP 03/05/16-01/06/162.22% 
FHLB DISCOUNT NOTE 0% 01/06/16 USD1.94% 
DAIMLER FINANCE NA 1.45% 01/08/16 144A USD1.67% 
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY 0.95% 15/08/16 USD1.67% 
BMW US CAP 1.5% 11/04/19 144A USD1.67% 

Risk Considerations

Fixed income securities are subject to certain risks including, but not limited to: interest rate (changes in interest rates may cause a decline in the market value of an investment), credit (changes in the financial condition of the issuer, borrower, counterparty, or underlying collateral), prepayment (debt issuers may repay or refinance their loans or obligations earlier than anticipated), and extension (principal repayments may not occur as quickly as anticipated, causing the expected maturity of a security to increase).

Futures are speculative and may hurt the Fund’s performance. They present the risk of disproportionately increased losses and/or reduced gains when the financial asset or measure to which the derivative is linked changes in unexpected ways.

Please read the prospectus for more detailed information regarding these risks.


Key Facts

Class A Inception Date

Nov 18, 2011


Inst. Svc.AUSIX


Class A003021532
Class C003021524
Inst. Svc.003021482

Minimum Initial Investment

$1,000 Classes A, C
$1,000,000 Institutional
$1,000,000 Institutional Service

Total Net Assets (all classes)

as of April 30, 2016

$7.4 million