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Asia-Pacific Investments

Investing beyond borders.

Aberdeen believes that the attractive fundamentals of the Asia Pacific region are too important to ignore.

Markets around the world struggle in a frequently volatile environment, developed nations grapple with their crippling debt, and the Eurozone and the U.S. face high unemployment and low projected growth rates.

Aberdeen firmly believes in the investment opportunities available through the growing economies of the Asia-Pacific region. In fact, it is expected that Asia-Pacific will experience the most significant growth in the world’s wealth, increasing 11.4 percent by 2017 and overtaking North America as the largest wealth region.1


Postcards from Aberdeen

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    At Aberdeen, we believe that the future of global economic growth lies in Asia. That is why we have been investing in the region for over two decades, having established our Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore in 1992. In the first stop on our video postcard series, we take you to the Asian city we call home and explore why Singapore continues to be a major economic hub and gateway to Asian growth.

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    Hong Kong
    At Aberdeen, we believe the future of global economic growth is in Asia. For centuries, Hong Kong has been a gateway to Asian trade and commerce, and as a Special Administrative region of the People’s Republic of China today, it remains a key entry point to Asia’s largest economy and the potential opportunities that lie throughout the region. In the second stop on our video postcard series, we take you to Hong Kong and explore why it is widely known as the Peal of the Orient.

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    At Aberdeen, we believe the future of global economic growth lies in developing economies, particularly in Asia. In our view, one of the most dynamic countries in the region with one of the most impressive growth records is India. India continues to be a major driver of global growth and an increasing level of wealth and investment opportunities. In the third stop on our video postcard series, we take you to India and explore exactly what is driving India into the future.

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Risk management in Asia Pacific investing

While Asian asset markets should not be considered a "safe haven" during periods of global market volatility and are not entirely immune from the economic woes that are troubling the West, potential opportunities exist for long-term investors who are underweight to the Asia Pacific region.

We believe the long-term upside remains attractive, but investors should understand the levels of risk that investing in the region can involve. Asia's stock markets are still relatively small, can be liquidity-driven and hence volatile, which means the rewards of Asia Pacific investments can carry potentially above-average risks.

Discover more about the merits of investing in Asia. At Aberdeen, we believe Asia Pacific investments, via equity and fixed income strategies alike, offer potential opportunities for investors to diversify away from the economic woes confronting the developed world. Contact us for more information.