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Closed-End Funds:
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The Bulletin

Spring 2014

This issue features articles from Aberdeen portfolio managers and strategists, complemented by market commentary from academics and analysts.

Guide to Closed-End Funds

CEF Guide

The range of Asia-Pacific, global and emerging market closed-end funds advised by Aberdeen offers choices both for those who are new to investing in Asia and emerging markets and for experienced investors seeking-specialized exposure. Each strategy is underpinned by Aberdeen’s rigorous stock and bond investment process.

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Aberdeen’s Asia Pacific Closed-End Funds

We believe the Asia-Pacific region represents one of the world’s strongest growing economic regions and the prospects for income and appreciation have rarely looked better.

Investing in Asia Pacific

Closed-End Funds: Easily Explained

This paper is designed to easily explain the structure and potential advantages of closed-end funds and how they may be suitable for investors seeking income and appreciation on a global scale.