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Equity Engagement Report

As long-term owners of companies on behalf of our clients, we regard the process of stewardship as a natural part of our investment approach. Our fund managers regularly meet with the management and non-executive directors of companies in which we actively invest, and we seek to mirror this approach across our other portfolios also.

Annual Public Stewardship Reports:

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Voting Disclosure

Aberdeen endeavours to exercise proxy votes at all shareholder meetings where authorised to do so by clients and periodically reports on our proxy voting decisions, engagement activities and findings. At companies where we have an active investment, voting decisions are led by our investment managers.

Voting reports for 2017

The information displayed here is a record of the voting instructions that Aberdeen has placed and is made available on a monthly basis approximately 2 months following Aberdeen's instruction. From January 2010, this disclosure records all voting decisions made by Aberdeen’s Fund Management teams worldwide. In the few markets where share blocking still applies, we may elect not to cast a vote when no disadvantage will result.

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Please note the following:

  • The voting disclosures reported here relate to all votes instructed by Aberdeen Asset Management’s relevant regional fund management teams and central stewardship function for all worldwide holdings. Exceptions to this standard approach are outlined below.
  • 1. We do not display instances in which a client has requested that we vote in line with a specific policy or individual decision. 2. In certain markets, shareblocking applies; in these instances, the decision to vote will be made on a case by case basis with the importance of the vote weighed against the subsequent effect on liquidity and our ability to respond to client needs. In many instances, a vote of ‘Take no Action’ will be submitted; this is a conscious voting decision and is based upon the market, resolutions and relevant holdings.
  • Please note that the term 'Special Meeting' refers to an EGM.