Employee engagement

We encourage all our employees to volunteer and fundraise for charitable projects and all permanent employees are provided with two days volunteer leave per annum. By giving employees the opportunity to dedicate an entire working day on full pay to assist with charitable projects we enhance the value of our financial contributions and actively help to tackle social challenges. At the same time, these activities further enhance the interpersonal skills of our people and promote team spirit – ultimately strengthening our corporate culture.

Year on year we see an incremental increase of employees volunteering. After taking part in a volunteering day or office led fundraising activity, positive feedback is cited as teamwork, networking and feeling better about Aberdeen as a business.

Charity Committees

Each regional office nominates and administrates its own charity committee with new members joining on an annual basis. The committee consists of a group of individuals across the business who manage volunteering and fundraising activities and are responsible for selecting local charities to support with the funding allocated for each office by the Charitable Foundation.


Each regional charity committee manages the local funding applications for the Charitable Foundation along with the organisation of office based fundraising events. This includes cakes sales, wine auctions, pub quizzes and challenge events such as 10k runs. All employees are also entitled to match funding for personal fundraising activities which is administered by the local charity committee.


Global volunteering day

Since 2014 Aberdeen employees have been involved in the voluntary initiative of Business in the Community's Give & Gain Day. 2015 saw over 200 employees volunteering in 20 cities over a 24 hour period. In 2016 over 400 employees volunteered from 24 of our global offices.

Watch the video.

Financial Literacy

Given the nature of our industry, being involved in skills based volunteering such as educating young people on financial literacy is something that we feel very strongly about. Click here to find out about our global approach to financial literacy

Emerging markets

A key part of our charity partnerships are to provide overseas volunteering opportunities to the global workforce at Aberdeen. This provides employees with a one in a life time experience and to see the impact that the Aberdeen Charitable Foundation is having.

Employees so far have volunteered in Brazil, Cambodia and Ghana

We also support employees who choose to undertake oversees volunteering independently of the Aberdeen’s nominated charities. This includes profiling on the company intranet, support with fundraising and the waiver of annual leave.