Investing in our people

Diversity is a subject very close to our hearts at Aberdeen, both as an employer and as an investor

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Investing in our people

Aberdeen’s size of operations, locally and internationally, has changed dramatically since it was founded in 1983. But through multiple acquisitions and organic growth, our strong culture has prevailed.

We are committed to recruiting and retaining talented and motivated individuals who put our clients and end-customers at the heart of our business.

Women in Finance Charter

Aberdeen Asset Management is proud to confirm that we are signatories of the Women in Finance Charter, pledging to reduce the gender pay-gap at senior management level and increase gender diversity.

At Aberdeen we promote long-term careers. Our gender diversity programmes are therefore focused on increasing gender representation at all levels. Our aim is for 42 - 45% of our UK employees to be female by 2022. Within this, our goal is to increase female representation at senior management level to between 31 - 33%.

Whilst the Women in Finance Charter is a UK government-led initiative, in line with our commitment to achieving gender balance, we will also be setting a target of 47% of our global population to be female by 2022, with a variance factor of 2%.