Public policy

We recognise our responsibility to engage with governments, regulators and trade bodies, helping to shape a policy environment which operates in the best long term interests of our clients, who invest with us, and our shareholders, as well as for the wider financial sector.

We believe that this relationship is mutually beneficial - we have the opportunity to help shape the regulatory and political landscape in which we work and the regulatory bodies benefit from an understanding of what it is like to operate in the policy environment they create.

We produce papers, write letters and partake in consultations on relevant public policy issues, including pension reform, corporate governance, diversity and long termism. We are also actively engaged with members of the European Parliament and officials from the European Commission on the proposed regulation of money-market funds.

On a practical and more hands-on level, our Chief Executive is a member of the UK Financial Services Trade and Investment Board, chairs the Prudential Regulatory Authority Practitioner Panel and is a member of the International Advisory Panel of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the International Advisory Board of British American Business. Our Chief Investment Officer is a member of the Financial Conduct Authority Practitioner Panel and is the vice-chair of a global council supported by the World Economic Forum to explore issues on the future of insurance and asset management, and our Deputy Chief Executive is on the board of the Investment Association. Through these forums and others, we are able to engage with relevant stakeholders on key issues affecting our industry.