Responsible Property Investing

We recognise that our activities have both direct and indirect impacts on the environment and the communities in which we operate, and so believe that we have a responsibility to identify and manage these impacts as effectively as possible, whilst continuing to further drive the performance of the investment.

Acting on our principles

Our approach to responsible property investment has been developed through engagement with investors and the wider property industry and is underpinned by the following commitments:

Industry Leadership

Engage with the property industry and with national and local government to monitor and influence market shifts and government policy.

Strategic Risk & Resource Management

Manage environmental and sustainability risks and legal requirements at key stages of both investment and asset management processes as well as developing tools to set long term resource reduction and management targets.

Governance & Compliance

Ensure effective governance and responding to and complying with regulatory requirements in every country in which we operate.

Working in Partnership:

Promote sustainability in property investment with internal and external stakeholders.

With both direct and multi-manager investing, we aim to follow our responsible property investment commitments and adhere to our policy. Depending on the nature of the investment, this could include setting targets for the fund and asset, or further evaluating the performance of the fund management vehicle for issues like:

  • Energy efficiency and operation
  • Waste management
  • Water efficiency
  • Pollution and contamination

We have a Head of Responsible Property Investment and full-time RPI analyst who coordinate our efforts within the property group and work towards embedding our principles across our investment management processes, and our supply chain. They work with sustainability co-ordinators globally to improve the environmental performance of the assets we manage and embed our principles into our day to day activities. Some of the steps we take include:

  • Cutting waste through increased recycling
  • Saving energy through effective operational management
  • Reducing carbon by installing solar panels or combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Developing green travel plans
  • Engaging with the wider community

Towards a more sustainable future

Making changes to individual buildings is a good start, but we are also involved in working towards greater systematic change. We are members of a number of Green Building Councils, the UK Better Building Partnership, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) to ensure we are following best practice, and actively collaborating and leading the industry.