Asset allocation

In today’s challenging financial markets, many progressive and long term investors are diversifying their traditional U.S. stock and bond portfolios with international holdings across a wide array of asset classes – some are even adding alternative and illiquid investments into the mix. The past few years have brought growing complexity and interconnectivity to financial markets.

While choosing good portfolio investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) remains important, increasing correlations (how different investments move together) between markets and asset classes have placed an increasing emphasis on quality and timely asset allocation.

At Aberdeen, we believe in having a long-term strategic view and employ that in our multi-asset portfolios. However, market volatility also demands a dynamic management component as well.

Short term market effects often present opportunities where prompt reallocation can preserve capital or offer an opportunity to take advantage of a price dislocation. Aberdeen’s multi-asset products offer investors contemporary portfolios which provide actively managed exposures to a very broad range of asset classes and strategies.

We offer:

  • Professionally managed core asset allocation strategies
  • Global portfolios offering diversification by geography using traditional and non-traditional asset classes which target long term growth or income opportunities with reduced portfolio volatility
  • Portfolios built with a strategic long term view blended with dynamic responses to market events and opportunities
  • A complimentary architecture combining Aberdeen market leading funds with quality third party offerings
  • A blend of active and passive investments. We are instinctively active investors, but use passive vehicles for asset exposures where market exposure is most important, or where the out-performance potential is not cost effective