Fraudulent Emails

At Aberdeen, we take online security seriously. Online fraud and phishing attacks require vigilance from Aberdeen and from our clients.

These attacks can come in many forms, although they are most likely to be in the form of an email. Anyone can be at risk.

Below you will find some information and tips on how to spot a phishing or fraudulent email attack. If you do, please send the offending email to

Phishing emails

Phishing is an attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and other sensitive details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Phishing attacks usually come in the form of an email claiming to be from Aberdeen. Recipients of the email are asked to reply, often requiring that account details and passwords are submitted in the email.

If you receive any emails requesting you to input any account details, do not reply to the email. Never divulge your account information.

Online fraud emails

Online fraudsters may also send emails pretending to be Aberdeen. Such emails may request that recipients transfer funds into accounts to activate them.

Do not respond to these emails. Aberdeen will never send out an email requesting our clients to update account details or to complete online transactions.

If you need to update your personal or account details with Aberdeen please do this by going directly to our website. Alternatively, call one of our help lines and an agent will be happy to assist you.

How to avoid being scammed

Below are some tips designed to help you spot a fraudulent email. If you are suspicious at all, please contact Aberdeen immediately.

  1. Always look to see who the email has come from. Misspellings of Aberdeen in email addresses are a common sign of a fake email
  2. Always look out for the web address to which the email is referring. Take a look around the website. If it doesn’t look similar in appearance it could be fake
  3. Pay attention to what the email is asking you to do. Aberdeen will never ask you to update your account information or carry out online transactions from an email
  4. Pay attention to the postal address if listed. If it doesn’t match one in our Contacts list, it could be a fake email

These tips are only designed to act as a guide. If you are suspicious at all, please contact Aberdeen on +(1) 866-667-9231. Or email us at