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2019 Aberdeen Funds and Aberdeen Investment Funds Dividend Schedule

Aberdeen has regularly scheduled dividend payments for various Funds throughout the year. These dates can be changed by the Officers of the Funds and will be communicated if the dates are adjusted or changed during the course of the year.

Aberdeen does not provide dividend distribution estimates. Dividends are distributed according to the intervals listed within each Funds’ disclosure in the Statutory Prospectus.

2018 Aberdeen Funds and Aberdeen Investment Funds Capital Gains Distributions Information

Throughout the year, capital gains occur when a mutual fund sells a security within its portfolio for a profit. Mutual funds are required by law to distribute virtually all capital gains to their shareholders once a year through a capital gain distribution.

You must pay taxes on mutual fund distribution (unless the mutual funds are held in a tax-advantaged account such as an Individual Retirement Account, 401(k) and 403(b) accounts), whether you receive your distributions in cash or reinvest them in additional fund shares. The amount of capital gains distributions will be reported on year-end account statements (mailed in January) and on Form 1099-DIV. Please be sure to contact a tax professional to discuss your individual tax situation.

2018 Year End Tax Summary

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